Right of Access to Information

In compliance with the Right to Information (RTI) Act, No: 12 of 2016, Divisonal Secretariat, Palagala wish to enhance the transparency and accountability of its activities by giving effect to the right of access to information.

How to request information

A citizen who intend to access information of Divisional Secretariat, Palagala shall make a request either in writing to the Information Officer specifying the particulars of the information requested for or filling in and handing over Form RTI 01 to the Information Officer. In the event of inability to make the request in writing, the person may make the request orally to the Information Officer in person.

How to appeal to the Designated Officer

  • Any citizen who is aggrieved as a result of;
  • refusing a request for information,
  • refusing access to the information,
  • refusing to provide information in the form requested,
  • non-compliance with the time frames specified by the Act,
  • granting of incomplete, misleading or false information,
  • charging an excessive fees or
  • having reasonable grounds to believe that information has been deformed, destroyed or misplaced to prevent access

may prefer an appeal to the Designated Officer by filling a Form using the format provided in RTI 10, within fourteen days from the occurrence of such ground on which the appeal is sought to be made.

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